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Wanted: Translators:

It would be great if TotoCalculator 2 ran in as many languages as possible. If you like the application and if you have some spare time then please consider to translate TotoCalculator 2 into your language. Also some of the existing translations need more work.

In the answer to the FAQ "Why do you sell the program instead of getting rich by using it yourself?" I have already told you that programming is only a hobby for me. I do not realize a profit of it: Expenses for internet fees, electricity, hardware and software are much higher than the income from the licences, so I do not offer any money to translators, but only this:

  • You get a licence of TotoCalculator 2 for free.
  • If you have written a program I can translate it into German - if there is an English version.
  • You will be mentioned in the online help and on my homepage (unless you do prefer other).
  • Your suggestions for improvements of TotoCalculator will be on top of my list.
  • You see how a new version of the program rises, and it is you who is the author of the progression - this is maybe the best benefit at all.

There are one, two or three things that need translation. The application is the most important part, the help would be fine but is not a must, and the homepage would be an extra.

1. the application

This not only contains the text of the menus but also all messages of the program, e.g. the explanations in the status bar, the tips and all the possible error messages. The messages of the wxWidgets-library that are used by TotoCalculator 2 probably are already translated, and if not, only those few messages that are used in TotoCalculator 2 should be translated.

TotoCalculator 2 uses the gettext system with po- and mo-files. There are two ways how you can handle these files:

a) Edit tmt.po with a text editor:

If you are not afraid of using a plain text editor and a batch file then download all necessary files and information on how to compile and test your work here: Even in this case you may want to download TotoCalculator 2 for Translators because that version makes testing easier.

b) Use TotoCalculator 2 for Translators:

This special version contains additional features for the translation of TotoCalculator 2 itself. Although this version hides the details of the gettext system you should read the information in the online help about translation to understand how it works.

2. the online help

There is no need to translate the complete help, but it would be pleasant for the user to be able to read the most important parts in his mother language.

3. the homepage

It would be very nice to have translations of the main pages of the homepage too.

Are you interested? Then please send me an e-mail (

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