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Here you can download the development release of TotoCalculator 2.

Major changes in TotoCalculator-2.15

  • 'Over- and Underbetting': Options to over- or underbet the favourites.
  • 'Pooling': Options to divide the matches into fixed and pooled matches; only a specified amount of the pooled matches is used in a column.
  • 'Input...': It is now possible to mark results as interim results.

Over- and Underbetting:

  • If you want to overbet the favourites or, in contrary, to overbet the outsiders, you will normally set the chances in the input window appropriately. The window 'Over- and Underbetting' offers another option to augment the amount of tips used for the favourites resp. for the outsider.


  • The window 'Pooling' lets you specify fixed and pooled matches. Only a specified amount of the pooled matches is used in a line (= column); since the positions of these matches change in every line, they are called 'floating matches'. The other tips of the pooled matches will be empty.
  • By default the empty tips are distributed regularly among the pooled matches. You have two options to change the distribution of empty tips:
       - First option: Use the slider 'Distribution of empty tips: 0: regular - 4: heuristic' for an automatic daptation. The option 'heuristic' reduces the amount of empty tips of those matches that have a clear favourite.
       - Second option: Set the weight of each match individually to a value from 0 % to 100 %.
    You can combine both options and use them simultaneously.
  • 'Pooling' is especially interesting for users in Austria where the tickets use five fixed matches and eight floating matches out of thirteen pooled matches.

More changes

  • The main window not only displays the correct tips, but also the potentially correct tips (with and without the interim results). With 'Preferences' > 'More Options' > 'Display' you can specify the contents of the main page.
  • 'Save as Text File...': The sorting in an exported text file depends on the specification of 'Export to text files: Always sort by 1-X-2.' in ‘More Options’. If this option is checked the lines in the saved text file are always sorted by 1, X and 2, otherwise the current sorting is used for the text file.
  • 'Options': The maximum amount for the 'Lines per Ticket' is now 14 instead of 12.
  • 'Standard Filter...' and 'Professional Filter': A new menu item 'Add More Filters... was added.
  • 'Statistics': The possible minimum and maximum probabilities of the possible results are displayed.
  • 'Options': New options to sort the lines are added, all sorting options are united in the options window.
  • 'More Options' > 'General Settings': The option 'Comma instead of decimal point' is now used for the whole application, it is no longer only an option for the documents.
  • 'More Options' > 'General Settings': A new option 'Enable registration of a registered version.' was added.


  • More tests
  • Versions for further operating systems

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