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Logfile, Bugs and Todo


Version 2023-08-29, Windows 64-bit only, bugfix release.
Version 2.20.0: 2023-08-15, major update:

  • The limit for calculations is now 10,000 lines (before: 1,000 lines).
  • Improvements for the import of big text files.
  • Files can be saved compressed and encrypted.
  • Linux: Dark Mode
  • macOS: Version for Apple silicon

Version 2023-04-30, OpenBSD only, version for OpenBSD-7.3.
Version 2021-10-17, OpenBSD only, version for OpenBSD-7.0.
Version 2021-07-27, Haiku only, version for R1 Beta 3.
Version 2.18.2: 2021-06-13, Improvements for import of large text files (now with a maximum of 268,435,456 tips).
Version 2.18.1: 2021-04-19, Haiku only, bugfix release.
Version 2.18.0: 2021-02-28, major update:

  • The code used for the internal calculations was refactored und accelerated.
  • ´Potential´: Search for the amount of correct tips for each possible result.
  • The limits for the conditions can be set seperatelly for each kind of condition and the order of the conditions can be changed.
  • New versions: Windows 64-bit, Windows-3.1 (really!), Linux with 64-bit and GTK+-3, OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD.

Version 2021-01-23: macOS 64-Bit only, adaptations for Mac Dark Mode.
Version 2020-12-23: macOS 64-Bit only, bugfix release.
Version 2.16.4: 2020-11-29: bugfix release.
Version 2.16.3: 2020-08-24: maintenance and bugfix release.
Version 2.16.2: 2019-08-29: macOS only, 64-Bit.
Version 2.16.1: 2019-03-10: maintenance and bugfix release.
Version 2.16.0: 2018-10-03, major update:

  • 'Over- and Underbetting': Options to over- or underbet the favourites.
  • 'Pooling': Options to divide the matches into fixed and pooled matches; only a specified amount of the pooled matches is used in a column.
  • 'Input...': It is now possible to mark results as interim results.
  • 64-Bit Version for Haiku.

Version 2.14.2: 2018-06-17, Bugfix release.
Version 2.14.1: 2017-07-02, Bugfix release.
Version 2015-02-14, Haiku only, bugfix release.
Version 2.14.0: 2015-01-10, major update:

  • More options for the representation of tips: 1X2, 102 (for Germany), 1N2 (France), 310 (for China) or 123.
  • Conditions for Probabilities.
  • Export to pdf files.
  • Export to format of Austrian System Champion.
  • Format Editor: Tickets can be numbered.
  • Version for Haiku.
  • 64-Bit Versions for Linux and FreeBSD.

Version 2.12.8: 2013-09-02: Hungarian translation, maintenance and bugfix release.
Version 2.12.7: 2012-08-15: Bugfix release.
Version 2.12.6: 2012-03-24: Maintenance release.
Version 2.12.5: 2011-12-14: Maintenance release.
Version 2.12.4: 2011-06-25: Portuguese translation, maintenance release.
Version 2.12.4: 2011-06-14: Portuguese translation, maintenance release (withdrawn).
Version 2.12.3: 2010-12-12: Bugfix release for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
Version 2.12.2: 2010-10-30: Bugfix release for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. Added version for Solaris.
Version 2.12.1: 2010-04-11: Macintosh only, bugfix release.
Version 2.12: 2010-03-14, major update:

  • Filter.
  • Import of text files with a maximum of 65,536 tips.
  • Decimation of lines from the distribution without changing the rest of it, using various criteria.
  • Maximum of 20 matches instead of 14 (for France and Israel).
  • Format editor: Printing of all 'X's for easier testing of the specifications.
  • Format editor: Let the user add more 'X's wherever he needs them (for extra games on the ticket).
  • Main window: Options to show favourites-neutrals-outsiders instead of 1, X and 2.
  • Main window: Options to show the tips in colour.
  • Input window: Undo/Redo commands.
  • Unicode (with versions for current operating systems).
  • Versions for FreeBSD and for Mac OS X Intel.
  • Linux version now with GTK+-2.
  • Russian translation.

Version 2.11e: 2008-11-30: Dutch translation.
Version 2.11d: 2008-01-31: Windows only, better installation process.
Version 2.11c: 2007-06-07: Maintenance release.
Version 2.11b: 2006-08-31: Linux only, bugfix release.
Version 2.11a: 2005-11-27: added versions for Mac OS, Swedish translation.
Version 2.11: 2004-12-08
conditions, import of text files and *.col-files, new menu for preferences.

Version 2.10d: 2004-03-20: Linux only, maintenance release
Version 2.10c: 2004-01-10: Maintenance release
Version 2.10b: 2003-08-28: added the Italian version.
Version 2.10a: 2003-08-13: Bugfix release.

Version 2.10: 2003-07-27
calculation of up to 1000 lines, restart of calculation, printing of tickets, saving documents as text file or in a *.col-file for Totocalcio.
added a French version

Version 2.02: 2002-06-17
new functions ´freeze´ and ´thaw´ (in the Calculate Window)
added the Linux version.

Version 2.01: 2002-01-13
added the English version

Version 2.00: 2001-12-17
Almost completely rewritten version for Win32, German.

Version 1.xx: 1996 ff:
16bit- and 32bit-console versions for DOS and Windows. From the days when I knew what the files on my harddisc were good for.

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